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Protexgloves grip (dermal foxgloves) offer continued relief to people who have sun sensitivity and/or chronic skin and hand conditions.

Protexgloves grip are lightweight, grip-friendly and durable gloves with 50+ UVA and UVB sun protection built into the fabric.

Protexgloves grip ensures everyday chores do not become painful takes.

When wearing these Protex gloves you enjoy the comfort and protection you need. You can safeguard your hands in style without the fumbling disturbance of normal gloves.

Manufactured with a blend of Supplex® nylon and Lycra® elastane, which makes the Protexgloves lightweight and form fitting enough to do most small-motor tasks, and durable to endure prolonged and rugged use.

Each dermal Protexgloves are available with small pliable silicone ovals integrated into the palm side to provide users with a secure grip.

All Protexgloves can be machine washed and dried for easy care.


Form fitting Protexgloves come in three unisex sizes:
Small, Medium, Large

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Moss Green, Periwinkle, Sahara, Black


Small, Medium, Large

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1 review for Protexgloves – Grip

  1. Janeene (verified owner)

    I love these gloves – I’ve found them to be fantastic. I have small fiber neuropathy and allodynia in the skin of my hands/arms. These gloves are soft and comfortable, and form-fitting enough to give protection while still allowing normal daily activities like typing. They provide padding that allows me to open bottles with ridged lids, protects me from the casual brush of clothing across the back of the hands, and from the over-enthusiastic licking from my poodle puppies both of which would otherwise cause extreme burning pain. I wear these gloves 24hrs a day – they return to me the ability to do various tasks that otherwise would be too painful to do.

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